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Greetings from our Principal

Hello everyone, First Study is a learning center located in Osaka. It is a school that teaches the Japanese students the necessary education for high school and university entrance exams. This time, we at First Study have special Japanese teachers who have mastered in teaching proper Japanese and hope that it will be useful for entering a Japanese university in Japan or getting a job in a Japanese company.

In recent years, Japanese companies have been rapidly expanding overseas. Furthermore,a lot more Japanese companies are planning to develop their business overseas. Time and again these companies require staff who can speak excellent Japanese. This led us to establish a Japanese Language School for foreigner students in Osaka. We hope that everyone will to cooperate with us.

We are hoping that in the near future, the students who have graduated from First Study will become the bridge between Japan and rest of the world and we are working hard to make that day a reality as soon as possible. We look forward to work with everyone.

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