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Introduction of teachers and staff

Introduction of teachers and staff

  • Continuation Continuity will become your strength!

    Hirayama Aisa

  • I want to convey our culture and our way of thinking!

    Kobayashi Chiemi

  • Energetic and has a loud voice!!

    Iwasaki Kyouko

  • Can speak both English and Kansai dialect!

    Sano Kouichi

  • I like omurice!

    Hashimoto Eriko

  • Favorite word [whole body whole spirit]

    Masami Mari

  • My hobby is soccer

    Suzuki Wataru

List of office staff

  • Grilled meat fanatic! I absolutely love it !

    Huynh Dieu Thanh Hang

  • I am from Taiwan!

    Yang Yu Shin

  • Learn as if you are going to live forever!

    Nguyen Thu Hang

  • Vietnamese cuisine is my speciality!

    Do Vu Hong Van

  • Challenge it!!

    Akaho Isamu

  • My nickname is NEGI(Green onion)

    Sugimoto Ryousuke


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