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Frequented Questions


Where is the school located in Osaka?
The First Study Osaka, head office and school is located in Osaka city Chuoku district. It is about 10 minutes away from Osaka Castle by walk. It takes 10 minutes by train from Osaka station. Iumiotsu Branch is located nearby the Kansai International airport. It takes 20 minutes from the city’s center by train.
What countries are the students from?
Mostly the students are from Vietnam, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Taiwan etc. From now onwards we are planning to bring students from east Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia etc.
What type of events does the school have?
Visiting Kyoto or Kobe, and also visiting museums. The expenses for school events will be paid by school.
I would like to apply for admissions. What should I do?
First, you will have to send us an e-mail at the address mentioned below following which,the person in charge will contact you with the information of necessary documents for the admission.
When is the last date to apply for admission?
Those who wish to apply for the April the last date is the end of September, and those who wish to apply for October batch the last date is the end of April.
After reaching Japan, how do I get from Airport to the school or dormitory?
If you inform us in advance with your flight information, the staff from our school will come pick you up. The pick-up will be free only if the student comes to Japan on the schedule designated by the school.
If I fall sick or get injured in Japan, what should I do?
If you fall sick or get injured, the school’s staff will assist with the hospital visit and your treatment. Moreover, after reaching Japan you will be insured (Health Insurance). For detail please visit the link below.
What is the school fee? When do I have to pay?
It is 684,000 yen per year, but you also have an option to pay monthly. But before coming to Japan, you must pay an initial amount. For details please go through the admission guidelines.
Do I need to have Japanese skills during the application?
Yes, a minimum of N5 level of Japanese skill is necessary for you to apply for visa.
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