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School life

Voice of graduated students

Graduates who entered university

If I wouldn’t have taken up the Japanese classes, my Japanese skills would not have improved.

I think my Japanese skills would not have improved so much, if I wouldn’t have taken up strict and interesting Japanese classes in First Study Japanese Language School.
If the First Study Japanese Language school teachers wouldn’t have supported us, I think it would have been difficult to achieve our goal or rather the lifestyle in Japan would have been tough to live in Japan.
The teachers at the First Study School are always ready to help out, not only the current students but also the students who have long graduated like me. Once again thank you.

Nguyen An Dung

Last school name: Bin’s own Binh Duong university and Bank University

Current school: Kobe City University of foreign studies (Graduate school of foreign languages)

It may be a Doesn’t matter if it is a Small or a Big Dream, I want you to do your best without giving up.

Everyone would have asked themselves the question what is TIME. Needless to say, the time is divided into past, present and future. To the Foreign students who are currently in Japan, do you remember your past memories and future aspirations? Why did you come to Japan and what do you want to be in future? I want you to remember those memories.
Of course, there are some who may or may not remember, but there are also those people who remember, but still don’t know what to do.
To those who are already in Japan and to those who are soon coming to Japan, I have some advice for you as a senior. [Because you can’t afford to think, only act! Reduce parties and sleeping time! Learn words and grammar! Write kanji! Speak in Japanese! And organize everything] by combining the memories of the past and hope of the future, become the determination of the present. It may be a Small or a Big Dream, I want you to do your best without giving up.


Name of current university: Osaka university of Education

I want to set up my own company in Vietnam.

With the help of the things that I’m learning now: I want to be a manager in the future.For this reason, I am currently studying management related information at the management information course of the humanities and social sciences department at Osaka University of Otani.For example, bookkeeping, business administration, economics, marketing, spreadsheet processing exercises and financial planner (life design). The class is demanding, but I am working hard to make my dream come true.
About the school atmosphere: surrounded by Japanese people, my Japanese language is getting better and better, and I’m getting interested in Japanese culture more and more. I have lot of Japanese friends and I always enjoy taking classes. In addition to classes, I talk with Japanese friends on various topics like talk about Japanese, Vietnamese and other stuff too like sports, music and anime.
Future dreams: I want to build my own company in Vietnam.


Graduated high school: DAI CUONG high school

Current university: Osaka Otani University

Graduates who are going to nursing care college or junior college

After graduation, First Study introduced me to the North welfare technical school and currently I am studying there.

I am doing part time job in nursing institute introduced by First study.
Work is not that difficult, everyone is kind.
So, if you have any trouble, everyone will help you.
Also, if you don’t know something, ask them and they will always help you.


last school name: Can Tho Medical Junior College

Those graduate students who are working in Japan.

I want to do my best so as to be able to contribute to the company.

The current working environment is very active and constantly working on new things that benefit the company.
When the problems come up, colleagues at the company will always help out each other no matter what.
I want to develop myself further and work hard to contribute to the company.


Last school name: RMIT International school

Place of work: Syscom Usa Tokyo Branch company

Job type: Consulting Engineer

I want to improve myself and contribute to the company

Work information: chemical plant/ Nuclear related equipment/ plan, license application-up to start-up of plant
Work place atmosphere: Good, Warm, Colleagues are kind
Future dreams: I want to improve myself and contribute to the company.


Last school: Ho chi minh City National University Natural Science University

Current company name: Nichizo Tech Inc.

To develop Vietnamese group of companies

Description of work: various bridge designs, inspection surveys of bridge and other structures, repair/ reinforcement design, road design, structure design, CIM
Company atmosphere: homely
Future dreams: development of the Vietnamese group of companies

Nguyen Ngoc Yen

Last school name: Ho Chi Minh Institute of Technology

Homeland Engineer Homeland Consultants co.,Ltd

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