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Reception time 9:00~17:00
(except Saturdays, Sunday & public holidays)

Working holiday/resident

Working holiday/resident

Academic Japanese course


Courses are aimed mainly on entry to the university, vocational schools and qualifications. Not only can you learn according to your level from beginners to advanced, you can uniformly improve the four skills of "listening, speaking, reading, writing" In addition, we will provide full-fledged instructions for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the Japan Study Abroad (EJU).

Learning session


※The classes you attend will be determined after your level check.
※Please note that the curriculum varies depending on the level and progress of each class.

Time table

Morning class
1st Session 9:00〜9:50
2nd Session 10:00〜10:50
3rd Session 11:00〜11:50
4th Session 12:00〜12:50
Afternoon class
1st Session 13:30〜14:20
2nd Session 14:30〜15:20
3rd Session 15:30〜16:20
4th Session 16:30〜17:20


Beginner level ( beginner to N5, N4 level)
Can use simple vocabulary in everyday life, speak a little conversation, and listen to simple Japanese.
Intermediate level (N3~N2)
Daily conversation can be done smoothly, you can understand the instructions at work, and you can read kanji and hiragana. And can also, convey your opinion and intention.
Advanced level (N2~N21)
There are simultaneous listening and understanding skills with Japanese people, and university lectures are also available in Japanese. You will able to do translation in the work place.

Regarding cost

Enrollment fee 22,000 yen(tax included))

Tuition fee 5 days per week 57,000 yen/ monthly amount(tax included)

※The above amount does not include teaching materials

JLPT preparation mini seminar


For the Japanese Language Proficiency Test held in July and December every year, classes and exercises will be conducted intensively to be able to pass the exam quickly.
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is widely accepted test that measures Japanese language ability, and if you pass the exam it will be advantageous for you while seeking for a job or part time job. We will also tell you tips and tricks for passing the examination, using the know-how of the mid-term exam preparation and mini seminar in the study section.

Learning Period

Date: Every year April-June, September-November
10 session~ 50minutes per a session (one session)

※The classes you attend will be determined after your level check

Regarding cost

Enrollment fee 22,000 yen(tax included)
(not applicable to the people who have already entered our school)

Tuition fee 10 times~ 32,400 Yen~(tax included)

※The cost of teaching material Separate./p>

Group lesson


We aim for high scores ( in “EJU, examination for Japanese University)” which is conducted every year in June and September. Also we aim to score high in English which is included in examination for universities.
In order to do that, we will not only go through with exam techniques, but firmly understand the subjects included in the exams, and we will also teach you a short and intensive course on exam trends.

Regarding lesson

Date: June~November, 10 times~ 50minutes per a time(one time)/time

※you can join halfway even after classes starts. Even after the class has already began , joining midway is possible

Subjects: General subjects, mathematics, English

Regarding cost

Enrollment fee: 21,600 Yen(tax included)
(not applicable to the people who have already entered our school)

Tuition fee: 10 times~54,000 Yen~(tax included)

※Teaching materials are charged separately

Documents required

  • Application form/passport/recident card/3passport sized photographs
  • Please bring an application form (separate sheet) and required documents to our school or send through fax.
  • ※Office reception hours: Weekdays 10:00~20:00(Monday~Friday), except for Saturdays, Sunday & public holidays
  • FAX:06−6191−7401
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