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Information about the admission

Information about the Admission

Information about admissions, admission procedures
Admission period is April, July, October, and January i.e. four times a year.
Although there may be some variations depending on the admission period, the flow of the admission is as follows:

  • Students
  • School
  1. STEP1

    Convey the intention of applying to the school

  2. STEP2

    Interview the students,
    Determine the availability of the applications

  3. STEP3

    Submit the application form

  4. STEP4

    Prepare and submit the application form and other documents to the Osaka Immigration Bureau

  5. STEP5

    Osaka Immigration Bureau issues Certificate of Eligibility for Residence

  6. STEP6

    Inform the students

  7. STEP7

    Pay school fees

  8. STEP8

    Send Certificate of Eligibility and Admission permit to the student

  9. STEP9

    Submit the Certificate of Eligibility and Certificate of Admission to the embassy or consulate in your respective country, and apply for a study visa

  10. STEP10

    Arrangements for dormitory, transportation from the airport

  11. STEP11

    Arrival in Japan

Download eligibility form and details of documents required (2022.06 renew)

Admission procedures・Enquiries